Do you live or are you going to visit the Azores? PROCIV!

"Made with love in Azores", PROCIV is an amazing application for your mobile device with precious information about security in the Azores.

The first contact that Destinazores had with this application happened during a hospital visit. In a closet, there was a small flyer announcing in a timid manner an application of Civil Protection: PROCIV. From then on, there were some surprises.

The first was soon at the Google store, where PROCIV had a very small number of downloads (about 1000) in the face of the wealth of information we would have to find.

And the information found was immense! Intending to cover different publics, PROCIV provides regular and detailed information and the main services nearby.



The application put aside the blablabla and went straight to the point: after the installation, you are invited to fill out a personal data form. According to the authors, these data will be reported during an emergency. Destinazores did not test because it implied a call to 112.

Another precious function are the services nearby. Working together with your device’s GPS, PROCIV shows you pharmacies, health centers, hospitals, local police PSP and GNR stations and DAE.





Following the policy of maximum effectiveness and no blablabla, PROCIV immediately puts at the entrance a huge button to call 112, the national emergency number, with three options.

And here, Destinazores trusts that the application will do exactly what it says – connect in fact and send an email with its geolocation and the data it filled in the input.

Do you live or are you visiting the Azores? We recommend installing PROCIV, available in Portuguese and English!







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