Whale Watching



The Azores offer one of the best habitats in the world for marine mammals with more than 20 species identified. The islands offer a natural aquarium in the middle of the Atlantic between Europe and North America.

Sperm whales enjoy incomparable conditions. They are free from the threat of whalers, and are surrounded by clear water and abundant food all year round, a true sanctuary. All these conditions created a unique relationship between the sperm whale and the Azoreans.

On board the excitement of the crew increases. Enthusiasm and emotions rise … A desire dominates and is the much sought after encounter with the sperm whale and the dolphins. The feeling is the same as the past.

Everyone is trapped between the feeling of fear of a giant and the pleasure of discovery. Emotions very similar to those of the old whalers. They went to every hunt as if it were the first, always an adventure. Today, the new whalers, pacifists, catch this magnificent mammal in the lens of their cameras.


Located at strategic points on the islands, whale watchers remain and continue to serve the purpose of discovering the sperm whale. They are a symbol today of an illustrious past, and were returned to active in what should be a greater future.

In addition to their assistance to the New Whalers, they also provide the landlubber with a way to find the sperm whale as well as a spot to enjoy the wonders of the surrounding countryside.