With only an area of ​​17 km2 and 10 miles north of Flores, Corvo Island is the smallest of the Archipelago, housing a population of just over 300 inhabitants that are concentrated in the only urban settlement on the island: Vila Nova do Corvo.

Picturesque locality for the typical houses, lined with narrow streets, locally known as “canadas”, in the Village, the Church of Our Lady of Miracles, patron of the island represented by a Flemish sculpture of Malines, from the beginning of the 19th century. XVI, is the only building that stands out from the rest of the buildings.

Leaving the urban agglomeration, the Morro do Pão de Açúcar gives us a first overview of the cropland landscape. In Monte Grosso, the highest point of the island with 770 m of altitude, an extraordinary view on the Caldeirão, vast crater of the extinct volcano that gave rise to the island, with 300 m of depth and 3,4 km of perimeter, completes the panorama landscaping of this small island.

The interesting cliffs of the Knight and the Marcus and several other small islanders scattered along the island give the rugged coastline a beauty worthy of our admiration.