Ribeira Quente

The settlement of the Ribeira Quente occurred a few years after the settlement of Furnas, when the first inhabitants of the Island, settled in the Old Povoa sighted in the air a huge tongue of fire. At the place of Ribeira Quente, the conquerors joined the sea for the painful fauna of fishing and also pruning of vines.

Ribeira Quente is a small pearl of São Miguel with a lot to enjoy! Its beauty starts on the road that comes from Furnas, where it is possible to see waterfalls between its two tunnels, or simply stop the car and have a picnic. The Ribeira Quente road has picnic areas, equipped with tables, benches and barbecue grills, all in the middle of nature!

In Ribeira Quente you will find Fogo beach, a special destination on the island of São Miguel. Being very popular with people from the island, this beach has small hydrothermal vents that give the sea water an excellent temperature.

Image gallery: Paulino Pavão



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Flower Festival 2021

The flower carpet, as usual, will be installed in front of the Town Hall building and will be exposed for two weeks. The central image of the rug will be the word ‘Hope’, which refers to the common desire to return to the normality we knew before the covid-19 pandemic. Ribeira Grande Town Hall will keep special attention to the …

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Fogo lagoon highlighted in Europe

According to the portal Sapo Viagens, Lagoa do Fogo was chosen by the European Best Destination as one of the 18 most beautiful landscapes in Europe. According to the portal, “Across Europe there are breathtaking landscapes. From untouched landscapes to charming villages by the lake, passing through colorful forests and quiet islands, in Europe there is a little bit of …

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Can you smell the images?

The image above was taken where the famous Furnas stew is made. Volcanic activity is intense and the whole area has a strong and unique smell. A family walks through a place that is difficult to access. It is on the banks of the Fogo lagoon, where the smell of fresh water mixed with humidity allows you to smell this …

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