Madalena was elected Wine City 2017, hosting a range of events throughout the year, which will make the Municipality the main center of winemaking in Portugal.
In fact, the development of Madalena and the production of wine go hand in hand throughout the history of the county, which from its beginnings saw in this sector the most precious breadwinner of many families and in the verdelho the economic lever of the island and the region.
Arriving at the most well-to-do European royal houses of the nineteenth century, at the Vatican table or at the Czares banquets, this liqueur wine received honors in universal literature in masterpieces such as Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

Around here, wine is made from stone. On an island where only 3.4 percent of the soil is arable, man has subjugated nature, making lava burned livelihood, survival, dream, heaping the stone in basalt pyramids, the “maroiços” and “corrals” that give fame and distinction to the Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture, acclaimed by Unesco, as a World Heritage Site, considered one of the most complex structures created by Man.

Born from the lava, the wines reflect the soul and passion of the picarotos, exceeding the mere economic vision.

In this one of the thirteen wine-growing regions in Unesco’s World heritage, viticulture is the purest passion of this people, who by the armor has dared to dominate nature, in a serpentine lava in which our identity is sculpted.